Thursday, September 29, 2011

Last of the Summer Roses and Pattern Review

I made a wonderful connection the other day through my Butterfly Kisses Patterns. Her name is Kristy and she was so kind in her request for some help with one of my patterns. She wrote a beautiful critique about my patterns that I want to share with you here. Check out her blog.
My daughter is so fabulous behind the camera.She took these pictures that I wanted to share with you of my roses from my garden. They will be the last of the season. They are in my kitchen brightening my day as they greet me with their fragrance and color.

Flowers inspire me. I love the softness of the petals and the colors. I love the texture and the natural beauty. I need to stop more and smell the roses. I need to appreciate more, the beauties that I am surrounded by everyday. Tis the season to be busy. 
Happy Sewing and Creating!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Missionary

I wanted to share some fun pictures from Guadalupe in the West Indies. If you don't know where this is located, check out a map and look just above South America on the right hand side you will see the islands of the West Indies.
 My son is serving a 2 year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
These pictures are so beautiful. I'm sure they are so breath taking in person. It looks so lush and green. I just can't imagine how incredible this really is.
This is Talen (Elder Barney on the left) with his best friend from the same home town in Alpine, Utah. They grew up together and were called to the same mission.(That rarely happens) Matt (Elder Garlick on the right) left in January and Talen left in May. 
Matt surprised Talen by picking him up from the airport when he arrived. I can hardly imagine their excitement when they saw each other. They have been serving in the same area. They are not companions but they do see each other several times a week because they are in the same district.
The boys doing the Hakka. Talen played rugby for the United Team and won the US Championship during his senior year in high school. It was such a great highlight in his life. He is Polynesian from my dads side. He loves his Maori background and is so proud.
Look how cute he is. He is such a fantastic missionary. He loves the people and culture. It is such a joy and privilege to have a missionary and I am so proud of him.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Creative Connection 4th day

This is my last day at the Creative Connection event. I took a class with Julie Cove from The Alkaline Sisters. You have got to check out her blog. Her photography is so fabulous and she has great tips and recipes. She shared the most wonderful recipes and tips for eating healthier.
Julie also shared her story about having a bad back and being incapacitated for 4 months; having back surgery and a year later not being  able to function again. She creates yummy recipes for eating healthier and cleaner with fresh in season fruits and vegetables.
Julie also shares some fun packaging ideas for the fun healthy treats she does for giving away to friends and neighbors.
My next class was with Kim Stoegbauer and her team from The TomKat Studio. They create parties.
We  learned how to make banners, cute cupcake labels and mini banners. The funnest part was the competition. Our table became our group and we were told to create a party. Someone from our team chose items from another table. I always wondered how I would do under the pressure of creating on the spot and it happened. I quickly thought, "let's make a cake!" We started building and everyone on our team took an item and started adding. It was so fun to work as a team and see something come to life quickly.
Look how fabulous this is. I want you to notice the jewels hanging from one level of the cake, the cute mini banner on top of the cake, the sign that reads "Marie Antoinette. Let them eat cake" and the best: a mini banner with napkins folded in an accordion style and tied to the wall. Aren't you impressed. It was great fun.
Kim Stoegbauer is the owner of The TomKats Studio and Toni Chase is the project coordinator.
It's time to say goodbye to everyone with a cupcake party. Aren't those beautiful?
More beautiful cakes.

We love these ladies.Kris and Kim Thurgood from My Girlfriends Quilt Shop and DYI Dish. 
Cindy and I with Jo Packman who made this whole event possible. She is such a great lady with so many connections. This was a very rewarding event. If you get the chance to go next year. Please go. You will have such a great time.

Keep Sewing and Creating!

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Creative Connection Day 3

Romancing the Wristlet was the name of the first class I took at The Creative Connection. It was so much fun.

The class was taught by Shea Fragoso, Debbie Murray, and Heather Ales. Shea and Debbie own A Gilded Life.  They have the coolest, blingiest (Don't know if it's a word but I just made it up if it's not), glitter trinkets I have ever seen.
We learned how to make this bracelet. It started with a metal wrist band. We applied paper with modge podge. Then we glued trims and sequins and buttons. I think they are so cute.
Above is Emma's bracelet. Check out her website called Fl(h)air Accessories. She is amazingly talented and it was so fun getting to know her. Look at her fabulous notes. She has beautiful handwriting and artwork.

 Emma Burke and Kathleen Maibauer are showing the beginnings of the cutest bracelet.

The following are pictures of the market that was downstairs and you could shop in between classes. I featured a few of my favorite eye candy's.
Buttons and antiques again. Soooo cute! It was addicting. Of course, I bought more.
More Glitter, more jewelry. More of all the things I love to look at and play with.

 Antique fabrics and handkerchiefs and doilies all tied into different artwork and designs. So wonderful.
 Brooches and bling and velvet. What more can a girl want.
Here is the beginnings of my next project. First you pick your papers and tear them. Then you modge podge the paper onto a canvas surface. Next you paint the face of a girl. That was hard. But so fun.
The class was taught by Jenny Heid and Aaron Nieradka. Aren't they the cutest couple. Check out their blog. They are so talented.

There you have it! My painting skills. It looks good from a distance. I think it will look cute hung in my studio/office.
Shari this one's for you. I can see if you are following. How cute are these? I couldn't resist a photo. They are adorable. The one on the left is Hooty Hoot and the one on the right is Hoo's in the Forest. They are buddies. I moved them so they could be next to each other. Check out Shari's website. She is one of our designers for Riley Blake Designs.
I hope you have all enjoyed a little of my 
day at the Creative Connection. I'll share more tomorrow.  

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Creative Connection Event Night 2

 Lyea, Cindy and I attending the conference. Lyea attended a class while Cindy and I sat on a panel for the pitch slam in the afternoon. Now we are headed to hear the keynote speakers and have dinner.
 Sitting at our table were these great young entrepreneurs from Princess Lasertron.Their names are Shannon, Megan and Emma. They are so delightful and so creative. It was so fun to meet them.

Holly Becker was one of the keynote speakers and has a blog called Decor8. She also has a book out called Decorate. She is so darling and spoke of her cute husband of 10 years in such a sweet endearing way. You couldn't help but love her.

Cristina Ferrare was another keynote speaker who also told her life story. She has a new cook book out called Bowl Full of Love. She also has a new cooking show on Opera Winfrey's new OWN. She was very inspiring and we had such an enjoyable evening.
Each time we went to dinner or lunch there were fabulous gifts for everyone at the table. Always great magazines and goodies. I wish it could be Christmas everyday. That is how we have felt each day here as we have received so many wonderful magazines and treats. Riley Blake Designs did sponsor the bag we all received this evening with some sparkle cotton from the Lost and Found collection and some crocheted flowers.

Happy Sewing!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Creative Connection Event

Here we are in the city of Minneapolis,Minnesota on a street called Grand Avenue and it is Grand! We came to visit this quilt shop that has been around for 35 years. The whole street is so quaint with beautiful architecture and cute little stores inside.
 Of course we had to see what Riley Blake fabrics they carry. There it is Indian Summer designed by Zoe Pearn who lives in Australia. This is our minky which we call Dreamy because when you touch it you want to cuddle with it and dream the night away.

Then it happened! I asked if these were vintage buttons on the counter and the lady said no but these are. She pulled out 4 beautiful printed boxes with vintage buttons. Some were post war Germany. Many from Czechoslovakia, Austria and places all over the world. Cindy and I were googling and drueling and coveting over buttons. Who does that? Well we both splurged but I know she spent a lot more than me. ha ha

As you can see the buttons are beautiful and displayed on this heavy printed card stock. Each has a little story. How could we resist?

Shari this post is for you. This is our view from our window. You can see the Mississippi River. It is getting cold here. Cindy and I are learning a lot about social networking.
We have met the most wonderful people. I hope everyone is working on something productive. Whatever it is. Enjoy!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Swiss Days 2010

Pavlova is a dessert that is a favorite when we visit my mum and dads home. It is always devoured. I was able to get a quick picture as it was being cut. It is made from egg whites, whipped cream, and fruit. Doesn't sound that great but because of the way it is baked it is delicious!

My Clancy has found a new love. Baking. She is great at desserts and pasta. I caught her making red velvet cupcakes which I will post the recipe for. They are the best! Her frosting is yummy!

Look how great these look!

We took a quick trip up to Swiss Days. I mean quick. We were there less than an hour. You could hardly move there were so many people.

There looked like some fabulous treasures but like I said there were too many people.

I have to say I don't do crowds very well.
I thought these metal statues were so ingenious. The workmanship was beautiful. I loved this cowboy and look at the ant. There are more in the background to the right. They are adorable!

Midway is a beautiful little city nestled in the mountains. Such a cute country town. This is a view to the south looking toward Deer Creek.

A view of Deer Creek.

The airplanes were doing a little show. They are so cute. I would love one.
A fun car that I couldn't resist taking a picture of.

This quilt is a free pattern that can be downloaded from the Riley Blake Designs website. I designed it with Amanda Herring of the Quilted Fish' fabric line called Delighted! It is a happy line with great reds, yellows, greens and blues. Keep finishing those projects.
Happy Sewing!